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 +======2004-P 5c Peace CRDO-001======
 +Strong Class VI doubling on IN GOD WE TRUST, LIBERTY, the date, the mintmark P, the star, and the designers'​ initials FS. Strong separation and notching is more visible on earlier die states. Later die states may only show traces of separation and notching, and doubling will mainly show as extra thickness. \\
 +**Cross-References:​** FS-101, DDO-001, WDDO-001 \\
 +**Die Markers:** \\
 +**Obverse:​** Die gouge to the right of the bottom of the Y in LIBERTY. \\
 +**Reverse:​** Pre-die break depressions on the sleeve below UNITED and inside the O in LOUISIANA. Two die gouges between the N in LOUISIANA and the last T in STATES. \\
 +Submitted by: Tanner Scott
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