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2014-P 5c SDDR-029


The right side of the doorway ceiling is doubled to the south.

Cross-References: WDDR-017

Die Markers:
Obverse: Die crack and chip in the hair below the ear. Die chip on the right eyebrow. Die chips along the bottom of the L in LIBERTY. Die chip on the E in LIBERTY. Thin die crack runs through the bottom of the 14 in the date. Die gouge below the D in GOD.
Reverse: A die crack, a die chip, and a pre-die break depression on the right side of the building. Die crack extends west from the top left of the building. Die crack in the left arch. Die crack runs through the tops of the TE in STATES. Die pitting in the field below the first U in PLURIBUS. Die gouge to the left of the tall right window.

Submitted by: Tanner Scott


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