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2009-P District of Columbia Quarter Die Varieties

Doubled Die Reverses

Designation Description Image
SDDR-001 Cross-References: FS-801, DDR-012, WDDR-007
Designation Description Image
SDDR-002 Cross-References: FS-802, DDR-004, WDDR-003
Designation Description Image
SDDR-003 Cross-References: DDR-011, WDDR-015
Designation Description Image
SDDR-004 The E in ELLINGTON is slightly doubled to the west.

Cross-References: WDDR-010

Die Markers:
Obverse: Die crack with a die chip runs through the designer's initials JF and WC. Small die gouge below the I in IN. Small die gouge above the left side of the O in GOD.
Reverse: Die crack extends north from Duke Ellington's shoulder. Pre-die break depressions above the IC in JUSTICE. Pre-die break depressions below the MB in COLUMBIA. Two die gouges below the LU in PLURIBUS. Die gouge right of the E in DUKE. Die gouge to the right of the piano below and to the right of the second A in AMERICA.
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