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2007 Lincoln Memorial Cent Die Varieties

Doubled Die Obverses

Designation Description Image
SDDO-001 Cross-References: DDO-002, WDDO-001, 1DO-001.
Designation Description Image
SDDO-002 Cross-References: DDO-001, WDDO-003, 1DO-002.
Designation Description Image
SDDO-003 Cross-References: WDDO-002.

Doubled Die Reverses

Designation Description Image
SDDR-001 Doubling along the left side of the seventh column from the knee to the foot.

Die Markers:
Obverse: None known.
Reverse: Faint die crack above the third and fourth columns. Die gouge inside the lower O in ONE. Die gouge touches the top of the E in ONE.
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