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1962 5c SDDR-001


Strong Class II doubling on E PLURIBUS UNUM and lesser Class II doubling on UNITED and AMERICA.

Cross-References: DDR-007, WDDR-065

Die Markers:
Obverse: Stage A: Obverse is SDDO-001, Moderate Class II doubling on IN GOD WE TRUST. E-W die scratches below the chin. N-S die scratches in front of the forehead. Die scratches below LIBERTY. Stage B: Stage A die scratches worn away and replaced by new ones.
Reverse: Stage A: Die scratch extends west from the left of the dome. Stage B: Die scratches from dome no longer visible. Heavy die scratches above the building. Long curving die scratches from the left roof to the space between the E and P in E PLURIBUS UNUM. Short die scratches through the first T in STATES. Short die gouge on the right side of the building.

Submitted by: Tanner Scott


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